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"We're looking forward to living in a new place, not having to worry about having used furnishings... It's also really good knowing that we actually have a reliable onsite property manager that we can go to see about any issues."

Steff, First Home Buyer

"I think it's good that Du Val have a property management team. They sort it out, I don't have to 
worry about anything."

Wiremu, Investor

"Living in Japan I think it's quite good for us to have something here that's just ticking along earning us cash."

Ben and Anne,
First Home Investors

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

We develop in the suburbs of Mangere and Mangere Bridge, not only because of their forecasted economic growth, but because they truly are wonderful places to live. More and more New Zealanders seek shorter commutes; open, walkable spaces and places to feel part of a community. So it's no surprise that the suburbs of Mangere and Mangere Bridge are becoming increasingly sought after. Rich in amenity, stunning geography and community, this place boasts a small town feel just minutes from the hustle of the city.

Your local GROCER

Paul, owner of Bridge Fruit n’ Veg

Your local BARISTA

Sophia and Mike, owners of Ruby Red

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